Moglicë HPP reservoir filling started

21.06.2019 | news

n 21.06.2019 started the filling of the Moglicë HPP reservoir. Moglicë Hydropower Project is an integral part of the Devoll Hydropower Project, implemented by Devoll Hydropower Sh.A. in the valley of the Devoll river.

After several years in development and implementation, construction in the main structures of Moglicë dam is completed in June 2019. Moglicë dam shall create the Moglicë reservoir, which will have an area of approx. 7 Km2 and a volume of more than 360 million m3. Moglicë dam is an asphalt-core rock-fill dam with a height of 167 metre.

The Moglicë project is implemented with high safety standards and practices in close cooperation with the Albanian authorities. Statkraft has invested substantial financial and human efforts to build sustainable and safe project structures.

Moglicë HPP is also comprised of a headrace tunnel of approx. 11 Km and an underground Powerhouse with an installed capacity of 184 MW. When in operation, the HPP shall generate approx. 450 GWh/yearly.