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Grievance Redress Mechanism

Statkraft has established a Grievance Redress Mechanism to ensure that anyone with a concern or complaint from activities related to the Devoll Hydropower Project implementation have an avenue to approach management and receive feedback on how the company will address this concern or complaint.

This mechanism is established recognizing the importance of transparency and accountability throughout all activities and the project cycle.

The concerns and complaints of project-affected people and other stakeholders can be freely made and will be addressed in a manner that is fair, transparent, objective and constructive. All are considered confidential to external parties, on occasion, some have been treated with confidentiality internally as well based on the nature of the claim/concern.

Statkraft reviews all grievances that are submitted. If Statkraft finds that a grievance is not related to its activities or if the Project is in compliance with the Albanian and International Standards that Statkraft is committed to, this is explained both verbally and in writing. If Statkraft finds that the subject of the grievance is a result of its activities and does not comply with its Environmental and Social commitments, we will investigate the issue and contact the claimant to propose and agree on an appropriate resolution.
The procedure applies to past and present project activities.

Reporting a Grievance

You can report a grievance to us by:

  • Visiting the Public Information Offices
  • Filling out a Grievance Form in presence of the authorised Statkraft Specialists 
  • Contact Statkraft in person or on the phone and plan the registration of the Grievance with the authorised Statkraft Specialists
  • Send an email with your Grievance at:

Feedback will be provided to you.

For more information: