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Trading, Origination and Energy Management

Statkraft is one of the main traders within the European power market, in more than 20 countries

Power Trading

Energy market prices tend to fluctuate and can be affected by many different factors. Our job is to know exactly when to buy or sell a product, and we analyse enormous amounts of data to understand the market mechanisms. We work for a wide range of clients; from small producers selling energy from own power plants, to major industrial companies looking for large and steady supplies of energy, as well as power distributors looking for vendors.


Energy Management

You can entrust all your routine tasks associated with physical power supply (spot trading, managing imbalances and other administration of electricity trading) to Statkraft as a professional partner. We are a trustworthy bilateral party for risk management and trading in the financial power market, and we also provide neutral market information so that you will have full insight into developments on the power market.

The mission of Energy Management is maximization of the revenues from optimisation of assets mixture power portfolios in spot market sales, based on market fundamental analysis, hydrological and climatic analyses, including seasonal dispatch, water value calculation, short term inflow forecasts and short term production planning.


Trading with integrity

We conduct ourselves in a responsible and professional manner. We abide by all applicable regulations and laws wherever we trade. We strive for sound risk management, transparent market conduct and integrity in all our dealings. We welcome the European Union’s “Regulation on Wholesale Energy Market Integrity and Transparency" (REMIT) which promotes market integrity.


Trading in Albania

Through its subsidiary company in Albania, Devoll Hydropower Sh.A., Statkraft is licensed to Produce, Supply and Trade energy in Albania.

We are open to cooperate with local and regional operators in regard to energy trading activities, you are welcome to contact us at: