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Statkraft supports 28 households from Kodër Zgjupë village in Gramsh with new apartments

11 Feb, 2022

Devoll Hydropower Sh.A. / Statkraft, Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy and Gramsh Municipality have cooperated for the successful implementation of the Kodër Zgjupë Special Relocation Project.

Kodër Zgjupë village is located along the south shore of the Banja HPP reservoir in Sult Administrative Unit of Gramsh Municipality, approx. 8 km from the town of Gramsh. The village is located in an area with geological instability and historically has suffered from landslides and damages of the residences even before the construction of Banja HPP.


To reduce the risk to the residents, Statkraft, MIE and Gramsh Municipality have cooperated to find a permanent solution for the mitigation of the risk of residing in a village with unstable land. In this regard, in the frame of its social programs, Statkraft has financed the construction of a new residential building with 28 new apartments in the town of Gramsh in support of the residents of Kodër Zgjupë village. The construction of the apartments has been completed and the 28 households have taken over the new residences in which are being relocated.


Statkraft considers very seriously its environmental and social commitments. We are here today to showcase a concrete example of giving life to our social commitments with the support of 28 households from Kodër Zgjupë village to have a quality residence without the risks that their old residences in the village had. In Devoll cascade we have continuously demonstrated that when there is a spirit of cooperation with the institutions and the community, the issues can become opportunities and solutions and altogether we can contribute to their resolution. We are proud to have contributed for mitigating the residential risk in Kodër Zgjupë village in this fruitful cooperation with the Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy ad Gramsh Municipality” said Rigela Gegprifti, Statkraft’s Country Head for Albania. 


This is a good job completed in cooperation with Devoll hydropower and Gramsh Municipality. 28 households from Koder Zgjupe village have now a new residence, safer and more comfortable, released by the anxiety of the sliding land which has been a constant risk for them. The residents will get to keep the lands in the village to continue to cultivate the crops, but not for construction of residences, due to the risks of the area. This project shows how other porojects in the country will operate.” said Belinda Balluku, Minister of Infrastructure and Energy.


This new residential building is constructed as a cooperation between Gramsh Municipality, the Albanian government and Devoll Hydropower. It is a pleasure to hand over the keys to the new residences to 28 households from Kodër Zgjupë village whom from today shall live safer and comfortable in the new apartments.” said Klodian Taçe, Mayor of Gramsh Municipality.

In the Devoll Hydropower Project, Statkraft has implemented a wide range of environmental and social support programs, among which has been also the Kodër Zgjupë Special Relocation Project.